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* YouTube Video Making Training in Dhaka is for those people who want to build their career based on outsourcing platform such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Guru and Microworker etc freelancing Earning Environment.
* YouTube Video Making Course is for those people who want to earn staying home form online.

Who Can Join This YouTube Video Making Training

Special Price TK.10,000

* YouTube Video Making Training is for those people who want to perform internet website marketing.
* This YouTube Video Making Course Outline is for those people who want to get his/her business website top of every search engine.
* This YouTube Video Making Training Outline is for those people who have basic knowledage about basic computer, microsoft application and internet environment.
* Don't wasting your time. Learning YouTube Video Making Training and runing outsourcing earning Stay from home


  • YouTube Video Making Full Training
  • Training Duration – 2 Month Plus
  • Total – 15 Class
  • Weekly – 1/2/3 Class
  • Certificate – Available
  • Free Support – Available

    Special Price TK.10,000


  • Admission – Going on..
  • প্রতি ক্লাস : ২ ঘন্টা
  • Next Batch Start – 23 July , 2024
  • Next Batch Start – ক্লাস অফলাইন / অনলাইনে হবে
  • Per Batch – 15 Students
  • New Batch Start – Every Week.
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    YouTube Video Making

    তা হলে জেনে নিন……

    Top YouTube content creators can make hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars a day. But ironically, being successful and making money on YouTube has little to do with making videos.
    YouTube is one of the best places to put your brand front and centre. With so many people watching, you want to get your video content up and running as soon as possible.
    We believe making YouTube ads shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. With Biteable, you can make premium videos with minimal investment. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and a computer, phone, or tablet to work on.Whether your channel hosts YouTube tutorials, unboxing videos or makeup vlogs, how each video fits within the bigger picture makes all the difference. Planned content helps keep your viewers engaged and keeps them coming back for more.

    YouTube Video Making Training Course Outline:

  • WordPress Basics
  • Understanding video settings
  • Input & output formats
  • Dimensions, frame rate and pixel aspect ratio
  • Online and social media video standards
  • Understanding timecode
  • Understanding the default workspaces
  • Switching and resetting Premiere Pro workspaces
  • Working with Premiere Pro panels
  • Understanding the application tools
  • Setting application preferences
  • Appearance & memory
  • Using the project panel
  • Understanding media management & creating and organizing bins
  • Using the media browser panel
  • Previewing clips: hover scrub vs source monitor
  • The cuts-only editing methodology: continuity editing
  • A Roll vs. B Roll
  • Cut-ins and cut-aways; cutting on action
  • Working with multiple video tracks
  • Adding and deleting tracks
  • Renaming tracks
  • Trimming clips in the Premiere Pro source monitor
  • Adding clips to the timeline
  • Making insert and overwrite edits
  • Using the timeline editing tools
  • Markers: timeline vs clip
  • Understanding transitions
  • Adding transitions to video clips
  • Preparing a clip to receive transitions
  • Editing transition settings
  • Adding an audio transition
  • Understanding the uses of titles in video
  • Adding images to a graphic clip
  • Using the legacy titler
  • Creating an end credit roll
  • Controlling the speed of a rolling title
  • Working with graphic clips on the timeline
  • Creating a graphics template
  • Animating static clip effects
  • Adjusting position, scale, rotation, and opacity for video
  • Applying Premiere pro video effects to clips
  • Understanding the Premiere Pro timeline vs project panel
  • Working with the ultra keyer
  • Understanding clip audio
  • Working with various audio types including standard, mono, and 5.1 audio
  • Using the essential audio panel
  • Assigning audio clip types in Premiere
  • Animating clip volume
  • Exporting video from Premiere Pro
  • Understanding Adobe Media Encoder export from Premiere Pro
  • Exporting video directly from Premiere Pro
  • Exporting video from Premiere Pro for social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) & Mobile Devices
  • Exporting video from Premiere Pro for desktop and broadband distribution
  • Understanding video file settings including video dimensions, formats and codecs, bit-rate, frame rate, aspect ratio when exporting from Premiere Pro.
  • WARM WELCOME TO YOU & Course introduction
  • Video end screen: Your secret weapon to get more sales and views
  • YouTube SEO introduction
  • Starting with YouTube SEO keyword research using the Google keyword tool
  • Short-tail vs. long-tail keywords
  • Showing competitor keyword research
  • Compare traditional and digital media
  • YouTube search ranking factors
  • How to get more thumbs up
  • How to get more YouTube comments
  • How to make sure people watch your videos longer
  • More benefits of having longer viewed videos
  • Ring the bell strategy to get more engaged subscribers who watch more videos
  • Secret to how I make YouTube videos rank in Google search!!!
  • Effective ways to make money from YouTube
  • Selling affiliate products from your YouTube channel
  • YouTube live tips for long-term success
  • Section introduction for boosting your YouTube views with YouTube ads
  • All the benefits of social media automation
  • Overview of potential goals and strategies
  • Automation vs. outsourcing vs. being present vs. all of the above
  • Working on your business vs. in your business
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Teespring
  • microworker
  • 99design
  • PeoplePerHour
  • guru
  • Envato
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