Free Online Translation of documents into English


The need to Translate into English arises for almost every person who wants to travel, enroll in a foreign university, conclude a contract, etc. It is very important that such a translation is done efficiently, ‘on time and the service is pleasant. Therefore, when you order a translation of a text from Russian into English, do not pay attention to the prices for translation’, but rather pay attention to the quality of the services provided, the service and the speed of translation.

Free Translation of documents into English

If you need to birth certificate translation into English, then contact a professional translation agency that can accurately and accurately translate your text. It is rather difficult to choose such a translation agency, since very often many translation agencies position their services as high-quality, which in fact does not correspond to reality. ‘How to choose a contractor to translate texts into English’?

The first thing to pay attention to is the terms of cooperation, payment options, the ability to check the quality of the translation, in-house or freelance translators.

So that you can find out the answers to all questions, ‘you just have to ask the company in writing or by phone’. Unfortunately, there is no other way to check. The only way you can check the quality of the translation is to give it to your friend for review or give the text to another agency for proofreading. Thus, in order to perform a high-quality translation, you will need to spend money or find a quality partner who will be able to perform the translation the first time and according to your requirements.

Translate text from English in ‘Free Translation Studio’ translation agency
If you are looking for a translation agency in Kiev, which should become your partner in the field of translation, then you should pay attention to our translation agency. We have been performing translations for many years, we have completed more than 1,000,000,000 translation pages, and during this period of time we have been able to assemble a team of professional translators who will be able to translate documents of any subject and complexity.

Written Free translation of documents

There are more than 2000 translation bureaus in Kiev. It is very difficult to choose a professional document translation bureau among them. Almost all translation bureaus or translation agencies write that they provide high-quality translations into any languages, all translators are certified and they have a very large office because we are very professional.

In fact, the quality of the translation does not depend on the office or the certified translator or not. The main factor of a high-quality translation is translation experience, knowledge of the language and knowledge of the subject.

You can be a certified specialist 3 times, but the translation will not be of high quality. Experience is what is needed.

The main factors when choosing a translation agency:

1) don’t pay attention to advertisements and offices. This is not important, since it does not directly affect the quality of translations. Pay attention to the speed of response, the completeness of the information provided. The answer should come quickly, the answer should indicate the exact terms of translation, the cost of translation, as well as the answers to your questions, if you write them.

2) Never mind that every page says that the translators are certified and highly specialized. Ask for a test translation. It is free and you will immediately insure yourself against low-quality translation.

3) Translation of documents often requires notarization or certification with the seal of the translation agency . Be sure to ask to send the translation before certification for approval of the translation of the full name, company names and you can check the overall quality of the translation.

4) Always before sending a document for miscalculation – see the prices on the website and find out the number of characters in the document yourself. There are many free programs that will help you with this.

5) Be sure to specify the terms of the translation. You may need urgent translation of documents .

6) If the translation agency behaves incorrectly on one of the points: the answer is not accurate and came in two hours, the cost is indicated preliminary and with a note that it will change, but how it is not said. The timeline is rather vague. It is necessary to think about whether to cooperate with such a bureau or not.

Translation Studio is a ‘translation’ agency that has created a team of perfectionists who want not only to provide high-quality translations, but also to slightly change the very idea of ​​translations.

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